From very modest beginnings, Global has developed into one of the most successful brands of professional kitchen knives in the world. Still crafted by hand in Yoshikin’s factory in Niigata, Japan, Global knives are manufactured to extremely high and exacting standards.


Global Has Something For Every Kind of Dad

In this article we’re going to help you shop the Global range based on the kind of dad you are and what you love doing most. 

Are you the ‘I love Fishing’ kind of dad?

Many a dad loves a good day out on the water – fishing. Whether it is the water or the fish you like, or the peace and quiet, is not the point. The point is, you now have fish that you need to descale, cut, clean, fillet and debone. This is where Global comes in…

Global’s Flexible Boning knife is specifically designed to debone fish and poultry. This knife is the key to retaining your good-post-fishing-mood without moaning about the large amount of work (that no-one else quite understands the gravity of) like cleaning a fish to perfection before the coals on the fish braai start getting chilly.

We also strongly suggest, (if you’re slightly the impatient type,) you get these Fish Bone Tweezers. They are great for finding and picking out those pesky pin bones quickly and easily. 

Are you the ‘ I Love A Good Sunday Roast’ kind of dad?

Do you love a Sunday Roast so much that it does not need to be a Sunday to have one? Then the Global 2 Piece Carving Set featuring a Carving Knife and Bent Carving Fork is perfect for you. Not only is the knife razor sharp for that knife-melting-through-the-meat feeling, but both have sturdy slip resistant handles to prevent oily fingers from slipping. 

The bent nature of the carving fork makes a lovely spot of room for large ‘dad hands’ and the Carving Knife ensures extra thin slices of perfection. This of course shows everyone how fabulous you are with a knife and at carving. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday roast = made!

Are you the ‘I Love To Braai’ kind of dad?

If you love to braai and frequently deal with meat on the bone, instead of buying the already bone-free meat available because “real men debone their OWN meat”, you are probably in dire need of a 16cm Global Boning Knife. This knife, unlike its flexible counterpart, is incredibly strong and sturdy right to the very tip allowing for dexterity and efficiency in tight spaces, like between bones and cartilage – for example. Get it, you need it.

Are you the ‘Dad That Loves to Fry Up’?   

If you’re the type of dad who loves to whip up anything, from a batch of burgers to fried eggs on the stove top, you should have a Global Slotted Spatula (on sale for a limited time only).  It looks like a regular spatula, but just trust that it will last forever, and it won’t melt like all the other ones. It also has a helpful diagonal edge, making picking up and flipping food a breeze. Go on, buy this nifty gadget today and feel like a chef extraordinaire. 

Are you the ‘I Just Love To Cook’ kind of dad?

All kinds of cooking, from salads to stir- fries, and stir- fries to sirloins. Your family is lucky to be seriously profiting off of your culinary skills! You deserve this ultimate ‘dad gift’ namely the exquisite Global 8 piece Knife Set with Knife Block. This set features a 20cm Cook’s Knife, a 21cm Carving Knife, an 18cm Vegetable Knife, a 22cm Bread Knife, a 21cm Flexible Boning Knife, an 11cm Preparation Knife; a 14cm Vegetable Knife, a 15cm Flexible Utility Knife and a sleek and sexy Global Knife Block with Dot design. Not only will you be the happiest dad alive, it will also make your kitchen look stunning.

If you did not find a knife here that suits you, worry not! There are plenty more options and accessories in the Global range. Check out our website here: https://www.globalknives.co.za/