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How To Fillet A Fish Using Your Global Knives

Buying a whole fish is the best way to ensure quality, freshness and lower prices. Buying whole also ensures you get the most from your purchase, for example you can use the bones and scraps to make great fish stock. In this article we outline how to successfully fillet and clean your fish in a few easy steps.

🐟 Equipment needed:

  1. GLOBAL Fillet Fish Knife
  2. GLOBAL Fish Slicer
  3. GLOBAL Fish Bone Tweezers
  4. A blunt butter knife
  5. Scissors (optional)
  6. “Fish-cleaning” gloves (optional)

Global’s fillet fish knives offer a thin and flexible blade, which is perfect for the delicate job of filleting fish.

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Before we get started here’s some theory:


Scaling is the act of removing scales from the skin of the fish. To scale the fish, place your blunt butter knife or scaler near the tail and rub it along the skin toward the head. Repeat as needed until all scales have been removed. Rinse the fish thoroughly to ensure that the skin is free of scales.


Now it’s time to get your hands dirty! After you have scaled your fish, you will generally want to gut it. To gut you’ll spread the abdominal cavity open and pull out the guts with your fingers or a spoon. Once you’ve done the gutting, it’s best to get cooking straight away to keep it as fresh as possible.

Preparing your fish in 6 steps:

Follow the instructions below to learn how to fillet a fish set by step.


Here are some tips to remember when filleting your fish:

  • First and foremost, it is vital to keep your fish properly stored and chilled until you’re ready to prepare the fish for cooking.
  • Cleaning your fish properly is necessary before you begin cooking. 
  • Be sure to pat dry your fish until it is no longer slippery. This is to avoid it slipping out of your grip while you’re filleting. 
  • You’ll want to use a blunt butter knife or scaler to scale your fish.
  • You’ll need a heavy knife to remove the head of the fish, like the GLOBAL Fish Slicer. 
  • You’ll want to use a fillet knife with a flexible blade when filleting your fish.

Looking for more?

Watch this great YouTube tutorial by Global, which shares tips on how to get the best out of your Global knives when preparing fish.